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Small Business Web Hosting Affiliate Program Resellers Are Welcomed To Earn A Living Here!


What's the most annoying, financially disappointing downside of promoting any web hosting service as a reseller or affiliate?

My answer - one time commission payments suck!!

Most small business web hosting affiliate program services I've found just give their affiliates and customers that refer them a nice little pat on the back to say thanks by giving a finders fee and then keep the customer for ever. 

I think that's fine for ebooks, software and one time purchases but for referring a monthly recurring payment that will make them rich I'd expect a small cut each month.

I think it's a slap in the face to spend the time and effort to promote a program, deal with the customers, spend the promotion money etc. and only get paid once when they are going to keep your customer for a long, long time!

So here's what I did - I put together a small business web hosting affiliate program that pays you each time the customer pays us, not once, not 3 times but for the life of the customer.

Here's the details:

Each customer that is assigned to your account will earn you $5.00 / month payed via Pay Pal.

The potential on this is great - you can install a banner on your site to us and passively earn residual income for everyone that becomes a client. 

Refer 25 clients = $250.00 / month ongoing and it doesn't take long either!

Qualifications: simply refer one client and your account will be automatically converted to resellers status and you'll begin earning commissions.

Smart Biz Host Website Order Form: Word PDF

Once filled out email it to chad AT smartbizhost.com for processing.

Of course give me a ring at any time: 403-352-9399



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